Meet “Zoey”

20160306_083340Adopted from Cat Rescue in 2002, Zoey is a cat that has lived a pretty full life and traveled more miles than many people will in a lifetime-and had made a difference everywhere she visited.

Zoey was adopted by a long-haul trucker and was a faithful, albeit persnickety companion for most of her life and has seen or slept through every one of the continental United States. She was joined by another Cat Rescue, Inc. alumni named “Bari” the following year.

Her owner would write to classrooms of school children in various parts of the country as part of the “Trucker-Buddy” program and served to pique the interests of these kids about subjects like history, geography and the importance of proper care of companion animals.

Zoey has been featured topic of discussion on radio shows like “The Pet Hour” as well as national trucking industry publications such as “Road King” magazine, serving as an ambassador for the trucking industry and demonstrating the big hearts truckers are know to have.


100_2074In 2008, Zoey’s & Bari’s owner was faced with a tough decision: His employer decided that companion animals would no longer be allowed on company-owned trucks. Despite the best efforts to reach an amicable middle-ground, the trucking company refused to budge, so he resigned from his job rather than giving up his cats.

My cats ARE my family and if they just expect me to abandon my cats, I don’t need to work there.

Zoey & Bari still live with their owner in Virginia Beach. Zoey sleeps on a heating pad she commandeered next to her owner’s pillow each night and Bari sleeps on his chest.