Cat Rescue, Inc. is a private No Kill home based rescue. We are a network of foster homes guided by Commonwealth and city animal codes. The majority of cats/moms/litters we accept are transferred from kill pounds at their request. We also help owners find homes for their pets by having them join us with their fully vetted pet/s at Petsmart adoption events where we are almost every weekend.

Cat Rescue, Inc. is also an advocate of Trap Neuter Return (TNR). We help folks with cats or moms and litters that have shown up on their property. They don’t want them to go to the city shelter where, depending on the city, cat kill rates can exceed 60% (PeTA over 90%). We provide mentoring, equipment, and low cost spay/neuter references (Norfolk SPCA, Chesapeake Humane Society clinics). Commonwealth and city ordinances require all strays to reported to the local city shelter (phone report) before any TNR/rehoming can commence. Just in case there’s an owner involved.

Established in 1997, we’ve conducted over 8,000 adoptions. As a Petsmart partner, most of our adoptions are conducted through Petsmart where we show our fully vetted felines most every weekend. We have AM and PM volunteers cleaning the Greenbrier Chesapeake Petsmart Adoption Center where ten cats are up for onsite adoption every day. All of our adopted felines have been tested, vaccinated, and fixed.

As a Cat Rescue organization, and having accepted so many cats/kittens for adoption, some cats turn out to be medically un-adoptable or too personality challenged to find a home. Previously adopted cats are also returned months, and even years later for a variety of reasons: moving, allergies, became fractious, not using litter box, got a new pet, etc. These cats become lifelong Cat Rescue residents. About $400 a year is needed to maintain each cat. Once again, funds/food/litter/medical donations come from private sources. There is no city, state, federal funding.